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Criminal Records Check

Ohio BCI&I criminal history check (fingerprint scanning), 15 minute turn-around. Ohio statewide reported arrest records can also be provided with immediate turn-around. On-line with databases to obtain records in other states. Montgomery, Hamilton, Butler, and Darke County, on-line, immediate turn-around. All other Ohio counties available.

Pre-Employment Research & Candidate Screening

A comprehensive personnel pre-employment background inquiry and verification of work history, education attainment, and references is offered as a menu-style background investigation in which you choose the type of information you desire. 

Civil/Bankruptcy File Searches

We will obtain civil records as well as Federal bankruptcy files, death records, and dozens of other pieces of information commonly required, many of which can be provided to you immediately. We are on-line with all major credit reporting agencies, have access to thousands of national databases and some state agencies.  Top of Page

Driver's Information

Ohio driving records for the past three years can be provided immediately. A physical search of court records will yield information up to ten years, depending on the record keeping of the particular court. Ohio vehicle registration is also available immediately. Driving records can also be obtained from most states within 72 hours.  Top of Page

Workers' Compensation Experience/Surveillance

Information regarding the workers’ compensation claim such as claim number, case status, type of injury, date of injury, agency treating injury can be obtained. We can also provide surveillance for a person with an exaggerated medical claim collecting under workers’ compensation.  
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General Investigations

Job or sexual discrimination, business disagreements, infidelity, theft, personal injury, criminal defense and background investigations are just some of the problems with which we help attorneys, businesses, insurance companies, and the general public.  Top of Page

Witness/Client Locates

We will support your office staff in locating missing witnesses, clients, or others relevant to your situation.  Top of Page

Interview Witnesses 

Our experienced staff uses skillful interviewing and interrogation techniques.  Top of Page

Polygraph Examinations 

We offer full service polygraph examinations from a thorough entry level screen to criminal suspect testing using EPPA mandates.  Top of Page

Video/Still Photography/Surveillance Services 

We have two surveillance vans equipped with state-of-the-art video, still photographic and night vision equipment. We staff them with experienced investigators who utilize our own discreet radio system to work moving and fixed surveillance, day and night. Workers’ compensation, domestic relations and exaggerated injury evidence is secured using only the highest ethical methods. We offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week availabilityTop of Page

Process Service

We will locate and serve even the most elusive and evasive subjects, and when you are ready we’ll find and transport these witnesses to hearings and trials.  Top of Page

Domestic Relations/Child Custody 

Surveillance, witness interviewing and covert evidence gathering are tools we use to assist our clients.  Top of Page

Asset Searches 

Personal and real estate property information is readily available, usually within one week.  Top of Page

Experienced Courtroom Presentation 

Our experienced staff presents a professional bearing and is knowledgeable in courtroom tactics.  Top of Page


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