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TO: Dayton/Cincinnati Media
FROM: R.L. Emmons and Associates, Inc.


R.L. Emmons and Associates, Inc. of Centerville, Ohio announces they are on-line with the latest technology to assist businesses with criminal records checks. This new pre-employment screening process is called WebCheck, which utilizes the Internet to electronically transfer a person’s fingerprints and other data to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCI&I) in London, Ohio. BCI&I is the official state repository for arrest and conviction data submitted to them by law enforcement and courts.

Studies have shown as many as 10% of all job applicants lie on their applications and most misrepresent brushes with the law. Federal laws under the Fair Credit Reporting Act mandate what information an employer can seek out concerning a job applicant and how that information must be used.

WebCheck involves swiping the applicant’s driver’s license through a magnetic card reader, then having the applicant roll their thumb and index finger on an inkless electronic pad. The fingerprint image will appear on the monitor, the driver’s license information and fingerprints are encrypted, then electronically transmitted to BCI&I.

If no criminal history is found, BCI&I sends a “no record” confirmation to R.L. Emmons and Associates within 15 minutes. Should a criminal record be located, documentation detailing the charges and dispositions is mailed (for security reasons) to R.L. Emmons & Associates and is received within two days of the request. This quick response time using Internet technology will assist employers in making a quick and accurate hiring decision.

WebCheck is faster compared to the days of the fingerprint card, where an applicant would need to go to a local law enforcement agency to be fingerprinted and the fingerprint card would then be mailed to BCI&I. Two month response times were not unusual, slowing the hiring process for a position needing to be filled within a matter of days.

R.L. Emmons & Associates, Inc., a private investigations and business security consulting firm has been serving the Dayton and Cincinnati area since 1988. Owner, Richard Emmons, a retired police office with over 30 years experience in law enforcement and private security consulting, believes this access to public records will be beneficial to those employers wishing to provide a safe and successful work environment.

Any organization interested in additional information about WebCheck or other business security concerns can contact R.L. Emmons & Associates at (937) 438-0500 (Dayton) or (513) 683-0933 (Cincinnati).


                                                  Copyright (c) 2006 R.L. Emmons & Associates. All rights reserved.